Customer Journey

The following gives an outline of the customer process from the time of bid to the completion of the job.
Customer accepts bid
Meet to mark job, sign contract, & make deposit
Schedule tentative Installation date
Installation of product
Receive invoice
Final walkthrough & payment

Customer Expectations

CUSTOMER is responsible for contacting their HoA prior to fence order and installation.
CUSTOMER is responsible for making neighbors aware of construction on shared property lines.
CROWN accepts responsibility for contacting digrite before fence installation.
All city and county codes will be followed. Permits will be pulled if needed, at the expense of CROWN.
CUSTOMER is responsible for marking sprinkler heads and/or contacting irrigation service. In the case of minor issues, CROWN will execute repairs. Main line and electric repairs will be the responsibility of the CUSTOMER.
CROWN will attempt to locate survey pins before start of installation. If requested CROWN will assist in finding surveyor, at expense of CUSTOMER.
Any tall grass, brush, trees or landscaping must be removed or trimmed before installation. Any fencing or structures are to be removed prior to installation, unless previously agreed that CROWN would perform in bid. Additional fees will be incurred for any services stated not included in bid.
Any and all scrap material or trash will be removed within 24 hours of completion. All extra material after build is owned by CROWN, not the homeowner.
CROWN will communicate with customer about wet terrain and scheduling to build. If CROWN is responsible for damage to sod without prior agreement to work in such conditions, CROWN reserves the right to postpone building
Post-installation, CROWN will spread remaining dirt along the perimeter of the fence or throughout the yard where allowed by homeowner. Excess dirt removal will be priced into final invoice.
Rocks and or roots that prevent use of a mechanical auger for digging will incur a hard dig charge. Underground utilities requiring hand digging will incur a safe dig charge. In the circumstance of exceptionally rocky terrain, the installer will utilize a jackhammer, with rental fees being charged to CUSTOMER. As well as a hard dig charge. Hard and Safe dig charges are $20 per hole.
Material is covered under the manufacturer warranty, that is dependent up the product. Ask CROWN for any specific details. Labor (posts, gates) is covered for 36 months. CROWN is not responsible for any dog escapees.